Wednesday, November 5, 2008


October is an extremely busy month for us. Zach's birthday is on the 1st of October. Joe's is on the 13th and Emma's is on Halloween. Needless to say we are a busy family. Not to mention we had family night at our house for all of Becky's family. We wish Dave and his family could have been there.

Zach's Birthday

Zach had grandma and grandpa Ashby and Herrera over for a small little birthday party for him. He got lots of fun things. I cannot believe Zach is already ten years old. Ten years old and going on 16. I'm not ready to have a teenager yet.

Emma as Belle

Emma decided to be Belle for Halloween. She loves dress up and especially playing princess so this was perfect!

Fun at Family Night

At family night at our house some of the kids who had birthdays in October got some funny glasses and some scary teeth. Here are some of the kids having fun with their new toys. Sariah also tried some on. I am not sure she knew what to think of them.

Emma's Birthday Party

Emma had a birthday party for her friends. They had lots of fun playing pin the face on the pumpkin and decorating pumpkins and ofcourse eating cupcakes.

Zach and Adam as Ghost Rider

Zach and Adam (although we didn't know it ahead of time) decided to both be Ghost Rider for Halloween. It was really cool to see Adam ride up in his Motorcycle in his costume. Jenny did a really good job on his makeup. Sariah new who he was but wasn't comfortable going to him. I don't blame her, he looks pretty scary.

Halloween Party at Mike's House

Mike had his annual, or is it semi-annual Halloween party at his house. This is our family in their costumes.